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Welcome on my personal Website. I’m happy to share the newest Insights about Me and my Work with you, here on that page. If you have any Questions or Remarks: Please use the Contactform. Thanks! 


Talking about SCRUM and agile Working in this online Story of the german Magazine „Wirtschaftswoche“.

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Contributing my Opinion about the current Change from classic Waterfall Organizations to agile Teams in DT’s working digital Blog. 

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Please learn more about DT’s Connect App, your personal Connection Manager on your Smartphone.

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🇩🇪 Schubi 2019

After 20 years, the class of 1999 will met again! Please klick the link and register. 


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Want to know more about my story at Deutsche Telekom? Visit the Kununu Portal, click „Berufsbilder“ and read an interview with me. 

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Please follow this link to read my remarks on data privacy and the imprint. 

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