A drone comes in a bar:

Have you ever experienced that a highly praised technology is completely worthless in your everyday life? I had the same experience with virtual reality. It seems to me that VR has been trying to ignite for many years but never quite succeeded. I remember that shortly before the turn of the millennium I was amazed to see stereoscopic glasses in the window of our local computer store. You should be able to play all computer games with them, but definitely the one that came with them. Unfortunately I don’t remember the manufacturer or the model, but I know that it was too expensive for a teenager with pocket money. Since then I have been observing the development in this field more or less marginally. 2018 – but in December the time had come – I gave myself an Oculus Go for my birthday. The price didn’t seem to be very reprehensible, so you couldn’t do much wrong. Unpacked, had fun. But after 6 weeks the device became very uninteresting. The user experience seemed inconsistent, more like a hodgepodge of experiences. The apps also seem to focus more or less on a few categories and felt like everything belongs to either the horror or roller coaster genre. Or a combination of both. Even apps that show us the solar system are probably more than a dozen. But what should also be pointed out is that video streaming providers like Amazon, Netflix, Youtube and others have also started using this platform. All of them follow the approach of more or less metaphysically putting the end customer in a cinema and giving him a feeling of greatness with equipment in virtual space. That works better sometimes, sometimes worse. … a long story in short: None of this led to the Oculus Go being in my use permanently. 

But let’s move on! Another topic that has accompanied me for 30 years is photography. But in a much more active role. I love to photograph and to capture moments forever celluloid, today more likely pixels. Even though the hobby is amplitude-based, I have always been a fan of new technologies. I bought my first digital camera back in 2000, a time when I got a 4 MB memory stick in addition to my camera. Which, by the way, was enough for the 32 pictures of an analog film. So 20 years later I added a drone to my zoo of technology: It was so far that my technical requirements were no longer a high-priced technology, but were available at a consumer price. Flying a drone is fun, I can say that for sure and I can recommend the purchase of such a device to everyone, it will lift your photography – literally – to a new level. A special feature of the drone is the spherical panorama. A photo that captures a complete sphere – or creates parts of the sky automatically. Completely automatically photographed and assembled in the drone, during the flight. A superior technology. 

But now comes together what was initially not bought together: these wonderful spherical panoramas can also be viewed and experienced on a smartphone or laptop, but are far better on the Oculus Go! Absolutely crazy. While I had looked at spherical pictures of the 7 wonders of the world and other exciting locations before, these were at best a nice way to pass the time. But the own pictures radiate a far different charm. Strange, because you should know your own front garden. In the Spherical Panorama – from 100 meters height – not only I but also a large part of my friends can spend an enormous time all around my wellknown places. Sunrise with fog over the Rhine above Remagen? The Schildwacht in Geislingen an der Steige? All places that are very familiar to me on the ground, but I can watch them again and again from the air. A wealth of new details. 

But maybe this is about something completely different? To have the chance to see things in a new perspective. Maybe it is not the union of 2 amazing technologies, maybe it is like a quote from Marcel Proust: The real voyage of discovery is not to explore new landscapes, but to see old things with new eyes! And maybe that’s what new heights are meant


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